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2018-2020 Waco Central Texas Chapter Roster

Elected and Appointed Officers


*President:                                  Demetra Kennedy


*1st VP- Membership:                Josette Ayres


*2nd VP- Programs:                   Sandra Forsythe


*Recording Secretary:                Tyrha Lyndsey


*Corresponding Secretary:       Sandra Massington


*Financial Secretary:                 Helen Woodson


*Treasurer:                                Camille Francis-Howard


Parliamentarian:                         Lois McDowell


#Sergeant at Arms:                    Vacant



Chapter Appointments to Western Area Committees:


 “40’s Under 40” Committee Chair:                Josette Ayres


Communications Committee:                          Mia Moody-Ramirez

Facet Chair Appointments:


Services to Youth:                                Linda McDonald


HBCU:                                               Lydia Gaines


Scholarship:                                       Linda Pelton


Arts:                                                    Carolyn Scott


National Trends and Services:           Kerry Ann Frazier/Sandra Forsythe


International Trends and Services:      Patricia Woodson


Health and Human Services:                Sondra Wilkerson



Committee Chair Appointments:


 Chaplain:                                                     Luwenda Pollard

Communications/PR/Tech Chair:             Mia Moody-Ramirez


 Courtesy Chair:                                         Sandra Massington


Ethics and Standards Chair:                      Pam Hunter


Rituals Chair:                                             Tamu Smith


Protocol Chair:                                          Tamu Smith


Fundraising Chair:                                     Carolyn Scott


Fundraising Co-Chair:                               Sandra Massington     


2018 Luncheon Chair:                Linda Pelton


2019 Event Chair:                        Terri Woods-Campbell


Legacy Vision 2020 Ambassador:      Debra Levels-McDavid


Strategic Planning Chair:                   Helen Woodson


Alumna Affairs Chair:                          Linda Pelton


 Connecting/Heir-O-Link Liaison:         Vacant


Organizational Effectiveness Chair:            Sandra Forsythe



Services to Youth Linda McDonald


HBCU Lydia Gaines


Linda Pelton, Scholarship Chair


Fundraiser Chair, Carolyn Scott


Chaplain, Luwenda Pollard

Ethics Chair Pam Hunter


Vision 2020 Chair Debra Levels-McDavid


President Demetra Kennedy


Vice President of Membership WA 40s Under 40 Chair Josette Ayres


Sandra Forsythe, VP of Programs


Tyrha Lyndsey, Corresponding Secretary

Sandra Massington, CorrespoSecretary

Sandra Massington, Corresponding Secretary


Helen Woodson, Financial Secretary

Parliamentarian Lois McDowell


Immediate Past President Terri Woods-Campbell, M.D. WA Logistics Chair

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