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History of the Waco Central (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

Fostering Friendships While Making a Significant Contribution in the Waco &

Surrounding Community

The Waco Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was chartered in 1974 in Waco, Texas. Link Dolly Adams petitioned the chapter's charter while on leave from the Angel City Chapter of Los Angeles, Calif.

The Waco Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is part of the national organization founded in 1946 by Margaret Rosell Hawkins and Sarah Strickland Scott. The Links is an international organization with over 288 chapters and 15,000 women. The organization's goal is to promote friendship among women and improve communities. 

The Waco chapter, a unique entity, was one of several chapters to form in Texas after 1971, including Midland in 1973, El Paso in 1977, Missouri City in 1979, Tri-Cities in 1981, Mid-City in 1985, and Port City in 1987.


The Waco Chapter, in particular, has significantly contributed to the arts, education, Black history, youth programs, and the fight against teen pregnancy and drug abuse.

The formal installation of the Waco Chapter was held on May 25, 1974, with Link Vera Codwell, the organization’s then-national vice president, serving as the installing officer.

Beulah Barksdale, Marguerite Bennett, Joann Clark, Martha Forney, Dolores Harris, Iris Harrison, Barbara Hobbs, Jean B. Manning, Vivienne Mayes, and Deloris Reid were the Waco Chapter Charter members.


The Waco Chapter of The Links, Inc. has flourished since its inception. 

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