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From the desk of the President….


As we look back on our 40+ years of service to the Waco Central Texas community we must applaud our past accomplishments and continue to honor our legacy.  Embarking down the road towards our chapter’s future we must continue to strive to be excellent, innovative, friendly and of course service-minded in all that we do.  We must continue our transformational programming, our increased community involvement, to deepen our relationships with our community partners and to increase our visibility in the community.  Since our chartering, our chapter has worked diligently to foster change and make a real difference in our local, regional, national and even worldwide communities.  As we move into our next 40 years of service I pray we continue to make impactful footprints towards enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of our respective communities.


I am deeply humbled to continue to serve as president of this wonderfully, hard-working chapter!  Each of you have taught me a great deal about service, friendship and leadership and I want you to know that those lessons mean the world to me.  The Waco Central Texas chapter of The Links, Incorporated has consistently emerged as a formidable force in this community and the Western Area!  There is still much for us to accomplish and I am excited to work elbow to elbow as we do so.


Luke 12:48 says:  “for unto whomsoever much is given, of him (or her) shall much be required”.  The Waco Central Texas chapter has been blessed with a rich history, effective programs and most of all a strong bond of friendship.  We must, with all of these blessings, continue to be a blessing to the community in which we serve! 


Our chapter is poised to do great things in the years to come.  Let’s get to the work of actualizing our continued “greatness”!  The sky is the limit ladies!



In service and friendship,


Terri Woods-Campbell

Waco Chapter President


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